Eyes on the prize

I very much wish I was writing to you from Barbados right now, but alas, we have returned. The good stuff just flies by, doesn't it? Before we left I was talking to a friend about how I’d been planning and packing for our trip for weeks. She just nodded, all knowing-like, and told me … Continue reading Eyes on the prize

Peanut’s crazy fast development update

My little one is nearly 22-months-old, if you can believe it. It is insane to think she is a breath away from two. I’ve barely written about her development of late (ok, I've barely written--more on that later) because it no longer feels like something I can sum up in a post. Maybe it never … Continue reading Peanut’s crazy fast development update

Trip highlights (because there were many, I swear)

So…did I mention there were actually a ton of wonderful things about our trip? You thought it totally sucked, right? On the contrary. First off, we had absolutely perfect weather everywhere we went. Seattle was sunny and hot everyday. Alaska, notoriously unpredictable, was warm (or definitely milder than we’d anticipated) at most ports, apart from … Continue reading Trip highlights (because there were many, I swear)