Peanut’s crazy fast development update


My little one is nearly 22-months-old, if you can believe it. It is insane to think she is a breath away from two. I’ve barely written about her development of late (ok, I’ve barely written–more on that later) because it no longer feels like something I can sum up in a post. Maybe it never was, but milestones did feel a little simpler once upon a time. I guess I’ll just make an attempt for posterity’s sake anyway. So here goes.

For one, her comprehension has totally skyrocketed in the past couple months. I can confirm this because she recently dropped her first f-bomb, followed by a few more peppered expletives. Despite it’s entertainment value, I think it may mean it’s officially time to clean up our language. She’s also stringing together (more PG) words and phrases daily. One gorgeous, long-awaited trio finally made their debut not long ago: I love you. Swoon.

I relish every hug and kiss she’ll grant me, although it usually must be requested by the other parent or she’ll likely refuse or ignore you altogether. Girl knows what she wants. She likes to tell us stories under the cover of our big HBC blanket. She points to it and says, “blankie” when she’d like an audience. We can only really catch some of the words, but she’ll giggle and gesture as she tells her tales.

This is not to be confused with her blankie, which refers to about 10 different muslins (mostly Aden & Anais) that appear to be interchangeable. I tore one into 4 smaller pieces for portability’s sake. We have this unspoken rule now that a blankie must be accessible at all times. When we leave the house, the essentials include: a blankie, her sippy cup, snacks, wipes, and diapers. In that order. It is actually really helpful because she has this lovely little comforting tool when she’s upset. And being in that sweet spot right around two, she has her share of highs and lows throughout the day.

She absolutely loves music and dancing and requests her favourite songs daily. Wheels on the Bus is “round and round,” Shake Your Silly’s Out is “shake,” Old MacDonald is “E-I-O,” Banana Phone is “ring banana,” you get the gist. She basically names the songs after the parts she likes the most. She loves songs with actions and actually does some of them when she’s so inclined. I credit this to all the music classes we’ve taken over the past year. Our most recent just began and she was repeating all sorts of actions she’d never done before on our very first class. We sometimes make up songs at home and I’ll catch her singing them to herself on occasion too. The other day in class, she actually sat with the instructor and some other littles during this cute song about robins and when her turn came to “fly away” she stood up and flapped her arms like wings all the way back to my lap. Seriously.

Her hair is getting so long now! If I’m lucky she’ll even let me put it back in pigtails or weave a quick braid, but usually I can only manage to tie the front of her hair back while chasing her down the hall. Her Baba would very much like me to chop it off, but that ain’t happening, no siree.

We recently purchased a family membership to the ROM and, not surprisingly, L loves to wander around looking at the animals in the Natural History section. It’s a nice place to let her explore. It turns out there are all sorts of children’s programming and special exhibits for members, too. We pack a lunch and make the morning of it.

Leni and I are taking swim again at the Regent Park Aquatic Centre. She’s now in Guardian Swim 2, which is pretty exciting. The idea of her “graduating” to another level is sort of surreal to me. Our new instructor, to Leni’s dismay, isn’t quite as keen on the big water slide as our last. The first day, she actually refused to do any class activities in protest 15 minutes in when she realized we weren’t going for a slide. I mean, I get it. The slide totally rules.

I intended to really hunker down and focus on potty training when Leni turned 22 months, but I’m struggling to get her to even just sit down on the darn thing. But we’ll keep at it. I won’t force it if she’s not ready (not even sure I am, to be honest). We have a trip to Barbados in a couple weeks (eee!) so I think we’ll start talking about it more when we get home.

So yes. That’s my magic little being in a very small nutshell. It doesn’t even skim the surface, but there you have it. She surprises and delights me daily.

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