Case of the moonlight mommy guilts.

I have this irritating habit (say once or twice a week) of waking up in the middle of the night irrationally worried about a million things that happened or didn’t happen with Leni the day before. Things totally out of my control. Odd moments from yesterday whose outcome were almost always positive or definitely ok … Continue reading Case of the moonlight mommy guilts.

The potty

We had a little breakthrough over the past few days. My mum bought Leni Once Upon a Potty (classic!) and she immediately took to it. She was especially tickled at the part where Prudence bends over to show the hole where the poop comes out. Class gal, that one! We brought her potty out while we … Continue reading The potty

Trip highlights (because there were many, I swear)

So…did I mention there were actually a ton of wonderful things about our trip? You thought it totally sucked, right? On the contrary. First off, we had absolutely perfect weather everywhere we went. Seattle was sunny and hot everyday. Alaska, notoriously unpredictable, was warm (or definitely milder than we’d anticipated) at most ports, apart from … Continue reading Trip highlights (because there were many, I swear)