The sprout sprouts

The little turned 11 months last Friday, which is just insane to me. Meaning she will be one in less than four weeks. How did that even happen? She also just got her very first tooth the same day so now I can let go of my fears she’d be the only kindergartner in the history of the world (that I know of) with dentures. I’m pretty sure a second tooth is pushing it’s way through as we speak and she’s clearly had some discomfort as a result, poor thing. We’ve had a couple middle-of-the-night pow wows on the subject as of late, her and I.

Coffee is my friend.

And I could swear she’s grown a few inches in the past week. She’s looking more and more like a toddler every single day. My husband confirmed it when he returned from Dallas last night. She is sprouting. As is her hair. She was born with a whole of bunch of dark hair on top and very little in back. Now it’s light brown and it’s grown several inches so she has this kind of post-bath curly pompadour. In the morning it morphs into this straight long curtain I’m constantly brushing out of her eyes. I wonder if she would sit still for a French braid yet. Given that I can’t get her to lie prone for a hasty diaper change, I find it very unlikely. And besides I don’t actually yet know how to French braid. Note to self: google French braids.

On a totally different topic, I figured out a few new ways to get her interested in yummy greens. I made some savoury zucchini walnut muffins that she’s totally into and found a delicious quinoa, kale, kidney bean, chicken soup concoction we are all big fans of. I also like to make kale and spinach pestos for pasta, which she seems to really like. And you can hide a whole bunch of good veggies in pestos leaving the wee ones none the wiser. I’m actually starting to really revel in the excuse to try out new recipes. It’s so easy to get into the routine of making the same things over and over. It’s been fun adding new meals to my repertoire.

I’m starting to try some different things out to serve at her first birthday party too. I wasn’t sure I was going to do anything, but then she turned 11 months and it made me feel the need to grab hold of this moment in time. It’s been the most incredible year of my life and that’s all thanks to this gorgeous being and I want to honour that.

And now I am deeply entrenched in a pinterest black hole. Go figure.

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