Once more with feeling.

I have been making excuses again. It’s summer. I’m busy. I have nothing to write. Blah blah blah. You know the drill. Truth is, I have some news and I wasn’t ready to share it so I let myself fall off the grid a bit. Sure, I could’ve just written about the many other things … Continue reading Once more with feeling.

How to accept help in 100 easy steps.

Jose and I finally had our very first night away. I know, I know, I’ve been hyping this thing up for weeks. The preparation for our little getaway seriously occupied my mind non-stop right to the last minute. I wrote a 4-page manifesto for Jose’s mum, cooked every meal in advance, cleaned the house, the … Continue reading How to accept help in 100 easy steps.


I nursed Leni for the very last time on Monday. That might sound like a random day of the week to plan a life-changing event, but it was all very strategic. Jose and I were going to a concert and I wanted to make sure bedtime went smoothly for Jose’s mum (“Baba”), who was babysitting. … Continue reading Weaned.

Trip highlights (because there were many, I swear)

So…did I mention there were actually a ton of wonderful things about our trip? You thought it totally sucked, right? On the contrary. First off, we had absolutely perfect weather everywhere we went. Seattle was sunny and hot everyday. Alaska, notoriously unpredictable, was warm (or definitely milder than we’d anticipated) at most ports, apart from … Continue reading Trip highlights (because there were many, I swear)