Sick babe.


My poor baby is officially sick for the first time. She broke out in a rash a few days ago that, at first, I assumed was an allergic reaction. It turns out it’s a virus called roseola. Ever heard of it? Apparently it’s very common between 6 months to 2 years. In fact, when I told a couple local mamas who we’d played with recently, they said their kiddies had already suffered through it a ways back. It usually starts with a high fever for 3-4 days, but Leni skipped that step and went straight to the rash. It’s not itchy, but it’s clearly causing all sorts of havoc in her body. She’s just not herself and in, what appears to be, a lot of pain. Poor lovey.

Upon reflection, I realize now that there were a lot of warning signs she was actually coming down with something. Her nose had been running for a couple weeks, over the weekend she was eating noticeably less, and she’s been clingier with me than usual. But she also just got 3 new teeth before the weekend, one of which was a big old molar, so that kind of threw me off. I think I mostly hesitated to label it an illness because she didn’t have a fever. I just assumed that one follows the other, you know? Although there’s nothing we can really do except keep her comfortable and “quarantined,” I still feel guilty for not taking more immediate action. I mean, I’m a first time parent, a more common response to a strange rash would be to freak the hell out, right? Maybe it’s just because she has never really been sick so I’ve become complacent, I don’t know…

We first noticed the rash Monday afternoon. It was like little red pin pricks all over her chest and back. She had a little dash of heat rash on her shoulders this summer so I thought it was just an extension of that at first. It looked similar though angrier. The next day I called the doctor to make an appointment, but they only take patients on the same day of a call and we were too far (at my parent’s house) to get to the available spot. Now, if I was more worried at that point, I’m sure we could’ve found a way or we could’ve seen someone, somewhere at least. Thinking it wasn’t anything too serious though, we waited until the next day. By the morning, we noticed it was creeping up her neck a bit and onto her forehead. After waiting on hold on and off for 2 hours, we finally got the go ahead to come in and see her pediatrician. Before we made the appointment, Leni was still herself for the most part, if a little emotional. Once we got to the office however, the jerk of a virus decided to really make her uncomfortable and the poor little love cried and screamed while we waited to see her doctor. When we got back, all diagnosed, Leni had a big sleep thankfully, but she’s really been struggling to get comfortable when she’s awake. I have lifted the day time nursing ban for the duration of her sickness (we only do morning and bedtime now) as it really seems to calm her. In fact, for the last 24 hours she’s spent most of her waking moments attached to my chest, sweating like crazy (yet still fever-free, oddly).

This afternoon we really saw a turn around though. The rash has cleared up for the most part and her appetite has improved. She actually sat up for a bit and had some chatty moments watching her favourite (read: only) show, Sarah and Duck. She’s asleep now so I’m hoping we’ll see even more improvement tomorrow. The doctor told us she will be ready to go out into the world after Saturday, which is fast approaching.

It’s been hard to watch her go through this without being able to really help her in any substantial way. On the semi-bright side, I am very grateful that the fates placed this in our laps while Jose was in town. It allowed me to just hold her and comfort her when it got especially bad without having to worry about meals and all sorts of little things that become near impossible when you have a fussy babe who doesn’t want you to move. I didn’t even have to take her to the washroom with me every single time, since he worked from home. Ok so she did sit on my lap well I pooped once. Desperate times, people. But in all seriousness, it has been a real comfort to have him with us this week.

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