Why asking for help is dope.

I had a conversation with another mom today that I have had a version of many times before. Too many to count. You talk about the types of things you do with your little one(s), maybe. You throw in some honest struggles you have as a parent. Maybe it’s flippant or more sincere. There’s a … Continue reading Why asking for help is dope.

Self-care meets synchronicity.

I’ve peaced out of this site for awhile. My last post was the first since October. Nothing especially exceptional about that, I suppose. I come and go from time to time. I’ve started many a post with some variation of “sorry for my absence of late” and there's a solid chance I will again. The … Continue reading Self-care meets synchronicity.

Nap strike.

My son hasn’t napped consistently in weeks and I find myself longing for “nap jail.” I had become too comfortable in my routine and forgot parenting rule number one: as soon as something becomes predictable, it changes. The last couple weeks have been a special challenge because he has an endlessly running nose and just cut … Continue reading Nap strike.