If the shoe fits.


Last week my husband went out with Finn for a few hours and came back with some outlet swag for the little guy, including some neon yellow Crocs. They might not be the coolest shoes but, I have really come to appreciate Crocs since becoming a parent and getting some handed down from cousins. Especially ideal pool side, in my opinion.

Anyway, Finn so loved his new kicks that he put them on in the store and refused to take them off, even in the pool. Fine with me since the stone on the pool deck can be scalding in the sun. The next morning, the first thing he asked for were his shoes by pointing at them and succinctly stating, “shoes.” Okay then.

Two days later, one of the pair went awol and it would be another week before we could locate the darn thing. We checked all of Finn’s typical “spots,” which are MANY. I’m talking cupboards, garbage bins, under furniture, behind the couch, curtains and cushions. And the list goes on. And we interrogated him a few times, although he refused to even hint at its whereabouts. 

Turns out the lone shoe took a trip to Ottawa in my nieces backpack. We somehow missed it between two investigations in the bag. I suppose we wouldn’t make very good detectives.

A couple days ago—prior to my sister’s discovery—we went out looking for a new pair. We roll into Nordstrom’s and just as we get to the kid’s shoe section, Jose calls to discuss some details about the house. So I’m a bit preoccupied but, I’m vaguely aware that Leni is fawning over all the shoes and discussing something with the sales person. She asks me her size and I absently say, “9.” By the time my focus returns to the shoe mission there are five boxes of shoes open—sparkly and/or pink—and Leni is being fitted in some scented jellies with unicorns on the straps! This is my 4-year-old. 

Of course, she somehow found the most expensive kid’s shoes they sell. Given her vast and very stylish hand-me-down shoe collection, we didn’t buy them (despite her and the sales person’s determination). Maybe she can use some of that piggie bank cash she’s been collecting.

In the end, it turned out that Nordstrom’s didn’t carry Crocs and we couldn’t find Finn’s size at Soft Moc so there ya go. I’m glad we didn’t get a second pair in the end.

Suffice it to say, both kids are definitely developing their own taste in fashion. Given their parent’s love of a well-paired ensemble, I suppose it was inevitable it would rub off. Finn isn’t putting outfits together like his sister yet, but he is showing clear signs of a very strong and particular personality so it’s just a matter of time I’m sure. I never get tired of the little ways they choose to distinguish themselves.

Everyday is certainly an adventure with this pair.




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