Is this seat taken?

Do any other parents find they spend a lot of time looking for a way to sit down? I am constantly on the lookout for the next spot where I can park my butt and it always feels like sweet sweet relief any time I’ve scored one. A couch is ideal, of course, but I’ll take kid-sized chairs or even the floor. I’m not particular. I’ve even been known just to plop down on the sidewalk if the mood strikes and my kids seem likely to remain stationary (aka unlikely to beeline for the road). Typically this involves chalk. On a good day this could buy me a solid 10 minutes. Luxurious!

I consider myself a fairly active individual. I prioritize health and fitness and all that. It’s simply knowing my kids will be asking me something that requires abandoning my well-earned thrown a kajillion times per day. Arguably the constant sitting and standing equates to numerous squats throughout the day. I truly do enjoy exercise, but I also like that part before, between and after where I get to reward myself with stillness. My children mostly have other ideas, however. And obviously movement is required for the general functioning of my home, living of life, etcetera.

The more seasoned I become as a parent (and the older I get, let’s be honest), the louder my sighs of relief become when I ease into position. Ahhh. And the less control I seem to have over the groans that my body emits when I inevitably have to once again become vertical (moments later). I would lie down anywhere too, but something about that position invites one or both of my children to immediately start bouncing up and down on me. Usually directly on my bladder. Perfect aim, those two. What’s that all about, guys? Honestly.

Even during a typical meal, I’m up every few minutes. Refilling, replenishing, wiping, retrieving, what have you. I spend a lot of energy showing them how to do things themselves, but even still showing and explaining does not always equate to them doing the thing themselves. And then I have those moments where my kids are completely occupied and I sit. Oh how I sit. In these rare moments, no one is asking for a thing or in need of my services. A beautiful picture of two happily playing children. All is well.

That’s inevitably when I remember that one thing I should probably do, which leads to four other things and broken down translates to 18.5 other subspecies of things. And after ticking all the boxes, I sit down again and that sigh of relief I can’t seem to control draws the attention of my toddler who needs water and snacks (now) or my 4-year-old who desperately needs something from the top shelf of her closet (note to self: provide stool in bedroom).

But I shall prevail. I vow before you and my laptop to continue my battle for a spot to rest my behind. This is not over! And maybe the next unicorn of a moment where both kids are happily occupied, I might just grant myself a quiet moment of stillness too.

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