Back to reality.


So here we are in September and I’ve been completely neglecting this here blog for over a month now. I can’t believe how quickly the summer just sped by. We were lucky enough to get to three cottages in the past month, just returning over the weekend from a whole week on Lower Buckhorn Lake. We really had a wonderful summer. Did we sleep very well out of our element? No, indeed we did not. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Each new experience seems to be followed by an incredible leap in Leni’s development, exposing delicious little nuggets of her burgeoning personality. It’s amazing watching her become this fully formed human.

It really is incredible how much the world opens up when your little one starts walking. The gorgeous summer weather we had this year certainly helped as well. When we weren’t visiting a cottage, we were at one park or another everyday, playing on the jungle gym, swimming or hanging out at one of the local wading pools. Oh how I will miss these long summer days! It was truly fascinating watching Leni. She is so confident in the water! She’d dunk her head and know to blow out, never getting upset when water would get in her eyes. She’d walk on her hands while letting her legs float behind her in shallower waters, blowing bubbles (when not attempting to drink the pool—yeesh—still working on that one).

Her language has completely exploded over the course of the summer. She seems to acquire a new word every other day and with each one, more opinions of course. I can tell she understands so much of what I’m saying now (whether she chooses to listen is another matter, mind you) and I’m thinking it might be time for a teensy bit more thoughtfulness behind my word choices.

As I’m writing this, I’m reminded just how essential it is to keep up with my posts because I don’t really know how to properly summarize the incredible things I’ve witnessed and experienced with and because of Leni over the past couple months. This can only really be a snapshot at best. Especially with this shoddy memory of mine. I’m once again committing to some more rigid posting deadlines—that I really do intend to stick to this time—to keep myself in check. I find September is always a good month for new goals. I don’t think it will ever stop feeling like the true start of the new year, even though I haven’t been a full time student in several years.

As the days get shorter and cooler, I’m already starting to feel the loss of those easy summer activities. Time to find some new ideas to keep my busy toddler (and myself) from going stir crazy. Thankfully the drop-in centre has reopened and I’m going to attempt to sign us up for another Guardian swim class when registration starts in a few days. I’m also contemplating a music class at Oaks n’ Acorns (this great play café nearby). The more time we spend out, the more we’re seeing the same faces around. I’m starting feel slightly more integrated in the neighbourhood after a summer working the park circuit, too. In fact, we just had an impromptu play date with my old school friend and her son and this afternoon we have another one with a mom who works at our local café and her wee one.

An auspicious start to a new year (eh hem season), I’d say.

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