The potty

We had a little breakthrough over the past few days. My mum bought Leni Once Upon a Potty (classic!) and she immediately took to it. She was especially tickled at the part where Prudence bends over to show the hole where the poop comes out. Class gal, that one! We brought her potty out while we read the book together and for the first time in ages she showed an interest in giving it a sit. You were expecting a four letter word there, am I right? I mean we are talking toilets here so it wouldn’t be far fetched. At this point, however, most of her potty time involves being fully clothed.

Having said that, she embraces anything that involves stripping down to her birthday suit, so it didn’t take long before she gave it a good old bare-bottomed go. She hasn’t actually used the potty for its intended purpose mind you, but I’m just so thrilled she even wants to sit on the thing, frankly.

Encouraged, we bought her first set of underwear–a seven pack by George from Walmart (thanks for the tip, Erin!)–and in the course of less than 48 hours she’s tried every pair (and, understandably, soaked a few in the process). I can’t believe her little bottom in those things! Too cute!

I’m so proud of her and really excited that she’s actually showing some interest. After speaking with several other mums, including my sisters, I keep hearing a variation on the same thing: don’t force it. Works for me! That’s basically my MO in LIFE. So we’re keeping it light and fun and so far, so good! I mean I know she’ll get there eventually and I’d much rather it be when she understands what the heck is going on and feels ready.

The long-term plan is to try out 3 Day Potty Training by Lori Jensen, which was really successful for my sister with her daughter. Intense–see the title–but successful!

But for now I’m just so happy to see a glimmer of curiousity! Go Leni!

4 thoughts on “The potty

    1. Totally! So glad she’s beginning to take an interest! On one hand you know it’s inevitable, but it can be so hard to trust the process…is your daughter potty trained now?

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