Language explosion.

My son is now 16.5 months old (Howww??) and his language is really exploding of late. He can clearly pick up on what we’re saying in a way he didn’t seem to just a couple month ago. He’s even able to tell me what he wants (sometimes) and has started to try out more words. … Continue reading Language explosion.

Peanut’s crazy fast development update

My little one is nearly 22-months-old, if you can believe it. It is insane to think she is a breath away from two. I’ve barely written about her development of late (ok, I've barely written--more on that later) because it no longer feels like something I can sum up in a post. Maybe it never … Continue reading Peanut’s crazy fast development update

Moving on up.

UP! That’s the word I forgot all about! It’s L’s fave at the moment. Finding a word that communicates exactly what she wants so succinctly, and gets results, well I think it just about blew her beautiful budding mind. So you’re telling me, I just say this word in my sweet little voice, and you … Continue reading Moving on up.