Moving on up.



That’s the word I forgot all about! It’s L’s fave at the moment. Finding a word that communicates exactly what she wants so succinctly, and gets results, well I think it just about blew her beautiful budding mind. So you’re telling me, I just say this word in my sweet little voice, and you will do my bidding? Sign me up, language. Behold, the power of words! But really, it’s such an enormous gift to hear her vocalize more and more in a language I can comprehend. We’ll probably need to introduce her to some pleasantries soon. Stay tuned for the debuts of please and thank you.

On a totally different note, Leni and I just finished our 10-week Wee Hoots class with Wholeplay. I’m really going to miss it. It was a music class that included a weekly discussion on different areas of toddler development like self-esteem, nutrition, play, discipline, etc. It was such a delight watching Leni grow increasingly confident interacting with the other kids, dance to the music and generally charm the pants off everyone, if I do say so myself. It ended up being a tight-knit group actually: three other lovely mums with their adorable kidlets. We really connected with one mum and baby duo, in particular—Nicole and Kyra. Kyra and Leni were born just three days apart, go figure, and it’s been such a trip watching them figure each other out. They have so many similarities too. Even their voices are similarly husky. Her first legit little friend her age! And bonus, Nicole is basically the mum friend I’ve been hoping to meet: easy, funny, friendly, and no bullshit. Thank you universe.

Actually, now that I think of it, we’ve acquired a really wonderful little network of mums of late. And it seems like every week we meet someone new. I guess sometimes it just takes putting yourself out there a little for good things to happen.

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