Starting new traditions


The holiday season is officially in full-swing and, remarkably, I actually have my shit together. This is rarely the case for me most years, despite always starting out with all sorts of seemingly achievable goals. As such, I think you’ll agree I’ve earned the right to be a little smug about it. Oh you don’t? I see. Not the most attractive attitude, you say? Hmm. Well, why else would I do all this if not to revel in the glory? Oh yes, well, if pressed, I suppose I’d say the main motivators (aka grown up reasons) are staying within the budget, avoiding last-minute shopping and just generally keeping the holidays as stress-free as possible.


But more importantly, I LOVE the holidays and the more organized I am, the more FUN stuff we can do! Yay! I just made my very first Advent calendar with all sorts of personalized activities to do with the peanut this month. We’ve already met Santa, made Christmas cards with her footprints, ornaments with her toe prints and we’re visiting the Toronto Christmas Market for our 4th time since it opened. Organized, see?

IMG_7019     IMG_7020

Brainstorming the activities that would be fun for Leni made me quite nostalgic, I must say. It got me thinking about all the traditions that made me feel that cozy delight I so associate with this time of year. Little things like eating clementines or Purdy’s chocolates and listening to carols or the stuff that requires a bit more planning like trimming the tree and decorating gingerbread houses. It also made me consider what new traditions I’d like to create with my family. I know I want to keep the focus around quality time together as opposed to making it all about the gifts. Not that I don’t like that part of the holidays. I love giving and receiving ain’t bad either, am I right?

It’s just that it really got me thinking about what the season means for me. As I said, it certainly has a lot to do with being with the people I love. I no longer have a bunch of parties to negotiate over the month of December. These days it’s mostly family gatherings or cozy get togethers with a few friends. Just how I like it, thank you.

The season is also obviously about giving, but what does that mean exactly? I know I’d like L to see the joy and satisfaction that comes with giving to others. I feel like taking the time to make cards, small gifts and treats for the people we care about is a nice way to introduce that. We’re going to donate some clothes and food, too, and maybe in years ahead, we can donate our time somewhere as a family. I don’t expect any of this to necessarily mean very much to Leni at this point, but I figure it’s never too early to start. If anything I started much later in life, so she’s helping me to stay accountable.

And then there’s all that other awesome stuff that is just so damn charming and indulgent. Sparkly clothes and sparkly drinks, sweets, rich meals, the excessive lights and colourful decorations, catchy carols, Christmas movies, and yes, shiny new prezzies!

I think they each have a place, don’t you?

Here’s to a happy, healthy, indulgent, thoughtful, tradition-filled holiday season!



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