Nothing’s hotter than doing errands your partner hates


We’ve been filling our days with our Advent activities. It sure is nice to have each day semi-curated in advance. Especially since our fall classes have ended. Jose and I were wondering if there was such a thing as a “life curator” we could hire to plan our weekends for us. Pro bono, of course. We’re pretty broke. Anyone interested? Between the errands, Leni’s schedule, and just being kind of wiped out, it can be so hard to get creative with fun family activities at the end of the week, you know? Also, are there breakfast places in Toronto that deliver? There are some Sunday mornings I would just love a smoothie, waffles and some crispy bacon without having to make them or leave the house. Also, I don’t have a waffle iron so there’s that. And, you know, money.

On another note entirely, something wonderful happened this week: Jose realized it would be easier for him to take the dog out in the morning and has done so every day since! It’s the best Christmas gift this mama could ask for!


It seems like such a small thing, but it has made a huge difference for us. Leni has been resisting anything remotely restraining aka the carrier or the stroller, so I have to let her walk or Ruby doesn’t get out. Unfortunately, L doesn’t really follow direction very well. Presumably this is true of most toddlers. And cats. The result: what used to take 15-30 minutes now extends over an hour or more. And it’s not like it’s giving Ruby more exercise either. We move so very very slow. It requires a whole lot of patience from both me and the dog. It also takes a decent bite out of our morning.

I’m sure there will be days it will still make more sense for us to do it, but it is such a relief to not have it on our plate every day (love you, Ruby!). So a big shout out to my fella for recognizing that and taking this on. I know it just added another thing you now need to fit in before work, which is no small feat. I see that and I am so grateful.

I sort of feel like every parent should exchange a gift like this with their partner over the holidays. Whether it’s covering the morning shift so that your significant other can sleep in one day; taking turns with cooking duty or vacuuming the house when your partner really needs a break; encouraging them to go out with friends or get some exercise while you stay in with the kidlet(s). Even just asking them how you can help a bit more may garner an answer you didn’t expect. And who knows? They might not ask for what they need unless you do first. In fact, I think this is probably the case with or without children.

You may find that it’s something that takes very little effort on your part, but makes a world of difference to them. It could even be an attitude shift: being more encouraging or nitpicking a little less, that sort of thing. It could be a good opportunity to acknowledge how much everyone contributes in the house and how vital they are. Parenting and supporting a family is HARD WORK, man. It is so damn worth it, but, gawd, sometimes it just takes everything out of you, am I right?

Not to be preachy or anything. I certainly don’t have it all figured out, if you hadn’t noticed. It’s a good reminder for me too.

Here’s to giving in unexpected ways to the people in our lives. Even though it feels like we can’t take on anymore sometimes, truth is, we probably can do more than we think, right? I never expected I could do so much before I became a mama.

I’m a strong believer in the idea that the more you do, the more you can do.

Especially when I have enough caffeine in my system. Thanks Pilot coffee!

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