Eyes on the prize


I very much wish I was writing to you from Barbados right now, but alas, we have returned. The good stuff just flies by, doesn’t it? Before we left I was talking to a friend about how I’d been planning and packing for our trip for weeks. She just nodded, all knowing-like, and told me her theory that all you need for a happy life is love, a purpose and something to look forward to. Now that there is some wisdom.

Indeed, our tropical escape was not really just about the eight days of sun and sand.That was major part of it, don’t get me wrong, but there was a little more to it.

It was about the weeks in advance of list-making, errand running, online browsing, daydreaming (see: online browsing), hair appointments (seemed like a good reason to finally cut off my split ends and fix my roots), and, yes, I might’ve worked a little harder at the gym. It was about a light at the end of the tunnel when my volatile toddler decided to communicate through screams alone or on the days we were unable to leave the house because she refused to put shoes on without a massive meltdown. It was about that highlighted week in my iCalendar that eked ever closer and stopped me from totally losing my mind (trapped inside with a screeching maniac my delightful child whom I adore).

And I (mostly) knew it wouldn’t be me lying in the sun all day–read, swim, drink, repeat–like the old days. Even with a busy toddler in tow, the change of gears was a huge relief. It just felt good to be warm (without wearing a million layers and blasting the space heater), to have an excuse to indulge a little, to swim in the ocean, and of course, to be with my family. Even a stomach bug that kept me transitioning from bed to toilet for the better part of two days–seriously, universe?–didn’t dampen my spirits. (Ok my spirits were pretty damn damp when I was actually in the throws of it, but I still call the trip a success in spite of it).

Coming off our last major adventure, I knew to keep my expectations on the lower side. If L was miserable than it wouldn’t be too fun for anyone. But, you know what? She loved it! It’s not a total shocker or anything–we’re talking Barbados here!–but you just never know.

Seeing the experience through Leni’s eyes was pretty cool too. As soon as we arrived at the property, she immediately ran off giggling and I thought, she gets it. She even slept with very little fight, which was an unexpected little bonus. Actually we all slept. Toddler-styles. We were out most nights by 8:30pm and up by 6:30am.

It was heavenly.

But now we’re back. A little sun-kissed. A little more rested. And while I do feel a tad wistful about being home, there is definitely a growing list of exciting things ahead, including my first trip sans babe.

Love: check! Purpose: check! Something to look forward to: check!



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