Our little guard dog, Ruby.

Dogs certainly get the short end of the stick in a household with kids. Since becoming a parent, the daily act of walking the dog has become a whole other epic juggling act. Add a second kid and there was a period there where our poor Jack Russell Terrier, Ruby, did most of her business … Continue reading Our little guard dog, Ruby.

If the shoe fits.

   Last week my husband went out with Finn for a few hours and came back with some outlet swag for the little guy, including some neon yellow Crocs. They might not be the coolest shoes but, I have really come to appreciate Crocs since becoming a parent and getting some handed down from cousins. … Continue reading If the shoe fits.

Nap strike.

My son hasn’t napped consistently in weeks and I find myself longing for “nap jail.” I had become too comfortable in my routine and forgot parenting rule number one: as soon as something becomes predictable, it changes. The last couple weeks have been a special challenge because he has an endlessly running nose and just cut … Continue reading Nap strike.