Modern parenting.

Peanut’s two parents--before she was born-- Wished and they waited for years on and on, For a sweet little bundle to call all their own. A babe just like Peanut, to fill up their home. They visited doctors, nutritionists, friends. They even asked stranger’s advice they could lend. They Googled and read every book that … Continue reading Modern parenting.

Daytime Weaning

A few weeks back, I found myself lamenting (not for the first time) that Finn and I still lacked a nursing schedule. By 5 months, Leni and I had an established routine locked down. Finn just turned 15 months and it's still a bit of a free-for-all. It's been on my mind to put some … Continue reading Daytime Weaning

Hello four!

My daughter is four today (FOUR!). Maybe it’s the fact that she’ll be starting junior kindergarten in the fall or maybe it’s just the developmental shift that’s unfolding before me daily, but that number sounds monumental. I can’t sum her up in a neat little paragraph or chapter. Maybe a book? But I’d be wrapping … Continue reading Hello four!