Peanut’s crazy fast development update

She is getting more and more mileage with her walker this past week, pushing the thing up and down the hall. Just this morning she pulled herself up to standing and then let go and stood without support for a good 30 seconds. That was a first! I guess her Daddy’s forbidden keys were an excellent motivator. I’ve been trying to get her interested in some more exotic fruits and veggies again via smoothies, but she seems to know what I’m up to and will only take a few sips before mike dropping her Lollacup.

We keep hearing new words in her garbled speech. Words like hey, cutie, doggy, ok, yes and some names as well. And you can really tell she is stringing thoughts together, even if we can’t fully understand it all. I think it’s what we must sound like to her!

PS Another proper post to come!

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