Peanut’s crazy fast development update

IMG_3414 Everyone tells you how fast it all slips by and you say yes yes sure of course, but it really really does ok?

The past few weeks L has gone from babbling with our dog in a singsongy voice to saying her name (“Hey Ruby” or oo-bee), the word doggy, Gaga (her grandma’s nickname) and repeating some words that I say. She has been saying mama and dada for a while, but this whole language thing has really blown up the past few weeks.

She recently started to cuddle with her nursing pillow: she puts her head on it, sighs and pets it! She has gone from walking while holding onto furniture to taking some steps while pushing her “walker” and has become an even speedier little crawler. She sways (“dances”) whenever she hears music and even coos along on occasion. She likes to splash and blow bubbles in her bath. She has been clapping for a while now, but only recently started waving, pointing and doing this exaggerated shrug with her hands in the air.

Almost all her solid foods are now finger foods and that has empowered her to refuse some vegetables unfortunately. She loves salmon and chicken, sweet potatoes and bananas, berries and cheese, pancakes and brown rice pasta with tomato sauce or pesto (where I hide a lot of greens!), she doesn’t mind spice and loves her Obachan’s cooked sushi. I’m just going to keep trying with the veggies and hope she’ll find a few she loves or at least tolerates.

She clings onto her Daddy whenever he returns from his workweek. It’s very sweet.

Let’s see, I’m sure I’ve missed a million little things, but these past 2-3 months L has just added so many crazy new skills to her repertoire that I can barely keep up. I think I’ll try and keep a log like this more regularly now. Time is just flying by. I cannot believe my baby is nearly one!

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