Daytime Weaning

A few weeks back, I found myself lamenting (not for the first time) that Finn and I still lacked a nursing schedule. By 5 months, Leni and I had an established routine locked down. Finn just turned 15 months and it's still a bit of a free-for-all. It's been on my mind to put some … Continue reading Daytime Weaning

A few more thoughts about this whole weaning thing.

Weaning is extremely anticlimactic. Given all the time I spent agonizing over it, the actual experience of my last nursing session was just like any other. Nursing was part of our lives everyday for nearly 19 months and then one day it just wasn’t. I’m not sure what I was expecting exactly, mind you. Maybe … Continue reading A few more thoughts about this whole weaning thing.


I nursed Leni for the very last time on Monday. That might sound like a random day of the week to plan a life-changing event, but it was all very strategic. Jose and I were going to a concert and I wanted to make sure bedtime went smoothly for Jose’s mum (“Baba”), who was babysitting. … Continue reading Weaned.