Daytime Weaning

A few weeks back, I found myself lamenting (not for the first time) that Finn and I still lacked a nursing schedule. By 5 months, Leni and I had an established routine locked down. Finn just turned 15 months and it's still a bit of a free-for-all. It's been on my mind to put some … Continue reading Daytime Weaning

My alarm clock.

Around 6am each morning, a tinny rolling cry breaks through the monitor rousing me from my dreamstate. Finn is ready to start another day. A peak at the screen shows a black and white pixelated bundle with reflective eyes. I groggily pad over to his room. When I enter, he reaches his little fists up … Continue reading My alarm clock.


I nursed Leni for the very last time on Monday. That might sound like a random day of the week to plan a life-changing event, but it was all very strategic. Jose and I were going to a concert and I wanted to make sure bedtime went smoothly for Jose’s mum (“Baba”), who was babysitting. … Continue reading Weaned.