Mummy daughter photo sesh.


A few weeks back I asked my very generous and talented sister Erin—a professional photographer—if she would take some shots of Leni and I. Asking the question alone made me choke up. Hell, writing this has required a tissue or ten. Hormones? Probably.


Truth be told, most of the time I’m not in the mood to be in photos. I think a lot of us feel this way. I just don’t know my “good” angles so it’s always this big mystery how I will feel about the results. Add the ever growing curves of a pregnant bod (and thus the diminishing wardrobe) and it’s hard not to have moments of feeling less than “photo ready.” Having said that—long term—it is so rare that I actually regret a picture (messy drunk ones aside). Particularly when it involves my kiddo. She shifts and morphs so rapidly it sometimes feels like the only way to keep up.


Even in this case—although I requested these pictures—I had to give myself a little pep talk beforehand. I felt tired that day and hot flashy and a bit restricted in my maternity jeans. Wah!


Then I remembered why I wanted these pictures. Why I’ve been focusing so much of my energy on being present with Leni. Soaking it all in. Why I’ve been obsessing over making our Activity Advent extra special. I know that our time together will look quite a bit different when there’s another little person in the mix. Most likely, our opportunities for one-on-one time will require a tad more planning.

There I go again. I just fully welled up writing that. Sniff.


The most amazing thing was just how into the photo shoot the peanut was. She has only recently mastered the concept of looking into the camera (or iPhone, as it were) and “posing.” She’s been saying “cheese” when prompted for a while now, but any parent will tell you that does not guarantee a smile or that they are even paying attention. I absolutely love candid photos, but it’s nice to get one here and there with that beaming smile on your kiddos face that you know so well (but can’t seem to capture for the life of you).

It just so happened that she was really genuinely tickled to share these moments with me and it made the images all the more special. It also helps that my sister has a gift for keeping toddlers with short attention spans focused.


When she sent me the first pic (and actually every time I look at that damn thing) I tear up again. I am so grateful this beautiful moment in time has been captured and the images, to me, encapsulate it so perfectly. Leni’s light and my love for her. Ok, blubbering again.


 If you’re in the GTA or Niagara region and are on the look out for a talented photographer, be sure to check out Erin Leonard Photography!

One thought on “Mummy daughter photo sesh.

  1. Beautiful photos! I agree – sometimes I find that a whole week has passed by and I haven’t taken a single photo, and that’s because I’m too wrapped up in the moment that I let it pass by!

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