One more thing…


I really struggled to write that last post. I wanted to be honest about the challenges we had and in the process, it meant working through some difficult emotions. I think travelling is always worthwhile no matter how tough and I like to think we’re really easy going as parents, but it turns out we were still thrown a lot of curve balls. I fantasized about my post-trip write up being something along the lines of, oh you know, it all works out if you just go with the flow.

And sometimes it was that simple. She’s tired, let her nap in the carrier. She doesn’t want to go to bed yet, ok let’s go find some live music and tucker her out. She’s in a mood, eat this ice cream so mummy can finish her wine.

I think attitude is hugely important, absolutely.

Other times, though, there wasn’t really much we could do except hide in our room with her. After all, there was a lot for her to process and sometimes she just needed a little down time. And that wasn’t always the easiest thing to swallow. You’re typically not expecting to get quite so familiar with the inside of your stateroom when you’re on an Alaskan cruise, you know? But we did have a lovely balcony with a breathtaking view that definitely saved our sanity in those moments.

Anyway, my whole point here is that despite my dour musings, I wouldn’t have traded the experience for the world! Always travel when you have the opportunity. I’m guessing that 5 or 10 or 20 years from now I’ll only remember the beauty of Alaska and just how much we connected with Seattle. Who am I kidding? My memory is pretty well shot. I’m thinking a year from now, my only recollections will come from flipping through our travel pics and this here blog.

Next up: all the wonderful things about our trip!

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