No: the four letter word.

Little L has acquired a few new words and her third tooth. She loves saying “happy” inspired by her fave tune of the moment, the birthday song. (Though she also enjoys the Pharrell Williams song). She also started to say “no.”

Oh joy.

I’ve been actually attempting to control my impulse to say that word all the time and have been trying to replace my “no’s” with explanations. I’ve heard it’s a really abstract concept for budding minds, which makes a lot of sense to me. As such, instead of letting that easy little negative slide off my tongue, I’ll try to say something like, “be gentle with the flower/the dog/my face” or “please don’t throw your food on the floor, food stays on the plate,” or “please leave mummy’s pictures on the wall,” etc. You know, typical day-to-day things. Oh the fascinating new world of toddlerhood!

Anyway, it’s clear that I am still saying “no” constantly despite my good intentions. The other day Leni pooped in the bathtub for the first time (I say this like it’s a milestone) and, well, it was hilarious. She just seemed so proud of herself, you know? But when she reached those chubby little fingers for her avant garde creations, I had to draw the line. In my haste to get the point across I of course said, “NOOOO!” to which she replied, “ no no no!” A pretty classy debut of the word to her vocab. It turns out she has great comedic timing.

I must say the word has never sounded so delicious. The way she wraps her strawberry lips around those two letters is totally magical. Of course, I am sure the word will become the bane of my existence in short order, but c’est la vie. Just give this to me, ok?

She’s also toying with a few other words: bird, sock (gock), cock-a-doodle-doo (the rooster sound, obvi, although it sounds more like cockoo) and quack (cack) respectively, bye bye has been around for a while, what and what’s that, and lots of sound repetition. We’ll ask, “Leni can you say x?” and sometimes she’ll try the word out. I feel like I’m missing some. She’s just really had a huge surge in her communication.

She’s also been trying out standing without any help. We’ve been thinking she’s on the verge of walking for about four months, but she really does seem to be getting close now. All she wants to do is walk around holding our fingers. My low back is really feeling it.

We spend a lot of time in the garden together these days. She is totally enthralled by nature and she actually seems to have a full dialogue with the plants and flowers at times. Sorry for gushing, but god I just love her!

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