Wide open spaces.

There’s nothing that feels quite so unnatural as pushing an empty stroller around. Two days a week I am delivering each child to a different location, then pushing my light unoccupied child receptacle back home. I remember seeing other parents returning from their respective drop offs and seeing their empty seats. How odd it seemed. … Continue reading Wide open spaces.

Kids vs technology.

After we moved into our new home, my tech-loving husband surprised us by decking out the whole house in Amazon Echo’s. You may know them better as Alexa. I’ve mentioned here before we had a Google Home, but Jose wanted to try out its competitor because of supposed technological perks. Anyway, even Leni has her … Continue reading Kids vs technology.

Nap strike.

My son hasn’t napped consistently in weeks and I find myself longing for “nap jail.” I had become too comfortable in my routine and forgot parenting rule number one: as soon as something becomes predictable, it changes. The last couple weeks have been a special challenge because he has an endlessly running nose and just cut … Continue reading Nap strike.