First day of nursery school.


I dropped the peanut off for her first morning of nursery school on Monday. She was genuinely excited to go and enthusiastically ran into the room at 9:15am sharp when they opened the gate to greet her. I asked one of the teachers what to do and she suggested making a quick getaway while she was occupied. She was calling to me though and I really didn’t want to trick her. Although I totally understand why you might need to in some cases, I took my chances, went over and told her I’d be back soon. She just said, “ok! Bye mummy!” And that was that. Very anticlimactic.

When I came home, it was eerily quiet without Leni’s presence, I must say. But man did I get a lot done! It’s amazing what you can accomplish without having to keep one eye on your toddler at all times. I’m in serious pre-baby purge mode so it was nice to be able to tick the linen closet off my list, along with some other day-to-day errands.

And you know what, when I picked her up she was quietly sitting with all the other kids listening to a story, sucking her fingers and cuddling her blankie with her shoes off. Made herself right at home, as she does. Word from one of the teachers is that she told them her mummy would be cool with her going barefoot. Already some interesting tales she weaves. She came over when she saw me and talked about school the whole way home and when asked said that, yes, she would like to go back to school again, but can we go home now? She was clearly pretty wiped out, but ate a huge helping of lunch before taking her nap.

On another note, she only had one accident while in the playground and was apparently very chatty with everyone the whole morning, which confirms she had a good time. All and all a total success for the first day! Phew! 

Now if I could only teach her to actually look at the camera…

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