Baby at 19 weeks and a bit.


On Friday, we had our 19 week ultrasound. It’s very likely that is the last time we’ll “see” the baby before we actually meet face-to-face. In January or February sometime. It was so neat to check out all the bits. And to confirm everything is looking good in there, of course. All safe and healthy, thank goodness. Got a good shot of the feet and saw the babe yawn and suck it’s wee thumb. At this stage, the sprout is already nearly 6.5 centimetres (the length of a small banana so they say), which seems pretty darn big already, no? And yes, we also got to find out the gender. Along with being shown very convincing visual confirmation of it, may I add. As such, I will be using all male descriptors when referencing baby number two forthwith. Jose and I were both pretty convinced the thing growing inside me was actually a little lass so it was a total surprise. Having said that, I have zero instinct with these things. Many people claim to have known all along that this little bump was a boy, of course. Sure sure.

On Saturday night I felt my first kicks from the little fellow and he’s been communicating thus ever since. I’m pretty sure his feet or fists are aimed right at my bladder since his movement is often followed by a fierce urge to relieve myself. Very comforting to feel him though.

Now that I know he’s a he, it’s time to go through all of Leni’s things and see what to keep and what to donate. I am very lucky to have had (and continue to receive) beautiful hand-me-downs from my niece Gemma’s wardrobe (and her generous mummy Erin) for Leni and my sister Skye has confirmed that there are plenty of clothes from her son Leo’s closet for this little dude too. Seriously, such an incredible position to be in! Thank you so much ladies!

Leni has been so amazing, I must say. She now gives the growing belly/baby daily hugs and kisses and talks about being a big sister (her “I Am A Big Sister” book has helped with that too). I really popped in the past few weeks. Like big time. And I think that change has made the association of a baby growing in there a little easier to conceive.

We are currently knee deep in potty training, her and I, but I just wanted to give a little update on the baby. Next post will be a play-by-play of said training. I already have Day 1 written and ready to go, but want to get through the next couple days before I release my thoughts on the subject.

*In lieu of an ultrasound or bump pic, photo credit: Hilary Jardine




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