My tiny dancer.


I have come to the conclusion that our first ballet class sucked almost entirely because I failed to embrace the insanely adorable fashion possibilities. Could our disastrous first class have been improved with some tulle and leg warmers? I have very little doubt.

My sister Erin very kindly donated my niece Gemma’s gently used ballerina gear to L and the results are magic. Looking at the little bean in that get up made all the bad feelings from the previous week immediately evaporate. Actually I’m pretty sure it’s like 90% of the reason to put your kiddo in ballet this young. For reals.

Even though Leni wanted to be held most of the class–resulting in a very sweaty me attempting my/her pliés et. al. whilst holding an additional 25 pounds of human–it still felt like a vast improvement from her wriggling, distracted, room-escaping activities of that first week. And by the end of the class, she happily crowded around the instructor to receive a sticker. Plus, the adorable ensemble started a few conversations, which made the room full of strangers somewhat less intimidating.

In all this, I totally forgot that it usually takes at least 2 full classes for kids to find their groove in a new crowd. I forget this every time we start a new program yet it’s almost always the case.

By our third class, there she was, my little babe in all her glory. She gripped my hand through most of it, but she galloped and marched and ran on her tippy toes and followed the instructor just as I knew she could. She was even socializing with a few of the other ballerinas before the music started. “Hello. That’s a bus,” to the lass playing with the bus. “Hello. This is Thomas and James,” to the little one who sidled up to her as she flipped through a Thomas book. You get the gist. Toddler chats are the best.

Truth be told, we got an extra 15 minutes because the teacher was late, which I think helped her warm up to everyone a bit more. A few of the mum’s were grumbling (which I totally understand), but I was secretly grateful. I wish we could get a little more time before every class.

Either way, I love watching L figure it all out. Especially decked out in all her pink and black adorableness. I can tell she’s starting to really enjoy it now too. She’s been practicing all her new skills wherever we go. Bath time toe pointing. Dog walks at a gallop. Twirling around while I attempt to wrestle her clothes on in the morning. She’s thrilled with her new fangled skills and so am I.

Dare I say I may even be looking forward to our next class?



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