Riding the sleep wave.

Hold the applause on that whole sleep thing. Finn had three days of mediocre success with the midday nap and now it’s all over the damn place again. The good news is that his runny nose is almost totally gone and he’s kind of sleeping during the day again. We just discovered the poor lad … Continue reading Riding the sleep wave.

My daughter, the mermaid.

My parents have a pool and since they opened it for the season in May, Leni has been in it nearly every single day. We quickly discovered that she sprouted just enough to touch the bottom of the shallow end. Game. Changer. Gone are the floaties on which she so long relied. We have been … Continue reading My daughter, the mermaid.

Nap strike.

My son hasn’t napped consistently in weeks and I find myself longing for “nap jail.” I had become too comfortable in my routine and forgot parenting rule number one: as soon as something becomes predictable, it changes. The last couple weeks have been a special challenge because he has an endlessly running nose and just cut … Continue reading Nap strike.